Cool Off With Friends - 4 Summer Drinks Recipes to be shared with Friends

August 5, 2018


After a month of cloudless skies and tropical temperatures, it seems the heatwave has taken a brief break, before returning to our shores later this week (fingers crossed).


In the middle of this short respite is July 30th or to be precise, World Friendship Day. We love an awareness day and none more so than one specifically to celebrate those always by your side. 


So to help you celebrate those nearest and dearest to you and the wonderful British Summer, we have shared with you 4 cooling drinks recipes to be enjoyed with friends.

Elderflower lemonade 

We seem to forget the hedgerows and verges are brimming with the cloud-like species that is elderflower during the summer. What's more is when picked on a sunny afternoon their sweet, floral fragrance is the epitome of a British Summer. Make the cordial below and top with sparkling water to turn into a refreshing summer fizz.


200g elderflower heads (about 24 heads), gently rinsed
8 lemons
1.5l boiling water
800g caster sugar


Peel the skin from the lemons, juice them and then add both to a large bowl with the elderflower. Mix the sugar with the water and bring the boil until all the sugar has dissolved.


Pour the boiling sugar-water over the florets and lemon mix and press down making sure everything is submerged. Leave to cool, then cover the bowl to infuse at room temperature for about 36 hours.


Strain the infusion into another bowl, pressing against the flowers to release all the liquid and then pour into sterilised bottles. 

Caramel Cream Iced Frappe



This is a twist on the classic Greek Frappe, using the sublime espresso coffee from one of our favourite brands, Nicolas Vahe.


2 shots of Nicolas Vahe Caramel Cream Espresso



1tsp Sugar

Whole or evaporated milk (to taste)


Shake the espresso with the ice and water to a frothy consistency. Pour into 2 tall glasses and mix the sugar. Pour in the milk and leave to infuse with the coffee.

Cold Brew Raspberry and Vanilla Iced Tea


We tend to think of iced tea as a very sweet indulgence (Liptons comes to mind...) but a homemade infusion can be a healthy, refreshing tonic. Brewed with cold water, lighter teas make for a subtle sweet taste that can be flavoured gently with a variety of herbs, fruit and perhaps the odd dash of a chosen spirit. Again Nicolas Vahe are the main contributor with their delightfully fresh and fragrant Raspberry and Vanilla tea that is just perfect for that mild, subtle taste.


1l boiled water, cooled to room temperature

3tbsp of Nicolas Vahe Raspberry & Vanilla loose leaf tea

Sprig of rosemary 

Handful of basil leafs


Place the tea leaves into a large glass teapot or jug. Pour over the water and leave to infuse for 1.5 – 2 hours. Strain the cold brew tea into a jug and garnish with the rosemary and basil.


Apricot and Peach Wine


Fermenting might not be the first thing that comes to mind during summer but the proof is in the pudding when it comes to drinking this deliciously sweet wine. Don't be put off by its home-made nature, making sure to use ferment grade bottles will mean this recipe never ceases to surprise your friends and will end up being a homemade gift for years to come.


330g of sugar

0.5l of weak black tea cooled to room temperature

1l boiled water, cooled to room temperature

1kg chopped apricoats

1kg chopped peaches


Boil 0.5l of water and add 1 teabag. Leave to infuse and cool to room temperature. Do the same with another 1l of water but no tea. Mix the water in a bowl with the peaches, apricots, tea, water and sugar. 


Leave on the side for 5 days with a cloth over to stop any dust and flies getting in. Give it a good mix once a day to supply some oxygen to the ferment. After 5 days strain the mixture into another bowl and decant into thick glass bottles and seal. Leave in a warm dark place for about 1 week and then refrigerate. 


Be wary of shaking the wine before opening as it can be very fizzy. If you are worried about it potentially smashing the bottles you can 'burp' the wine every other day or so to release some of the pressure and fizz. 




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