6 Steps to Hygge Anywhere this Winter

November 19, 2018



As the long, cold and dark winter nights start setting in, it can only mean one thing - time to get hygge. 


If you don't know what hygge is (where have you been for the past few years) then the first thing you should know is that there is no literal translation. Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is the Danish concept of cosiness and intimacy, as well taking pleasure from the simple things in life.


So whether you are keeping with tradition this Festive Season or spending it somewhere completely new, below are our 7 steps you can take anywhere for being hygge.



Cozy spaces come in all shapes and sizes. However you can’t relax in spaces that are overwhelming, so before you start creating that hygge vibe (more on that next) strip away any extraneous items that take up much needed space.


A crackling fire, flickering candle light or both if you can, makes any space feel more intimate. No bright lights allowed, let the warm glow of a natural flame create that cozy vibe.


Mix simple tea lights with centrepiece candles to form the perfect light.




Texture and warmth embody what hygge represents. Grab that knitted jumper, warm blanket and soft pillow, then sit back and unwind.




Being hygge is not lighting a candle, wrapping up in a blanket and then cracking on with that 20 page report due next week.


Put all electronics away and indulge in a book, board game or even just your own mind. This is time for you not flicking through pointless hashtags.




What could more warming than enjoying a hot drink whilst wrapped up in your warmest blanket? Fruit tea's work perfectly, bringing a sense of calm whilst warming your insides. Chocolate cubes dropped into warm milk to make a proper hot chocolate is always a winner as well, no powdered sachets in sight. 




Set the table for a simple supper with a group or just indulge in a chocolate feast with a companion, sharing the hygge experience with bring everyone closer and create lasting memories.




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