Three For August

August 12, 2018

As we curate new hampers, we thrive off the discovery of exciting new brands. Better yet is sharing these brands with our customers and giving them the platform to be discovered by you.


Each month we will share with you 3 brands who have caught our eye with their remarkable products. From gorgeous design to original stories behind the brand, we thought it would be just too selfish not to share them with you.




Hopscotch takes pride in a careful and considered approach to crafting its products.


Signature rose petal bath salts and all natural room sprays make up part of their range, which we think work perfectly in our Mindfulness hampers, ensuring you or a loved one stay energised and invigorated


Established in 2014 by design graduate Sophie, Hopscotch’s minimal aesthetic is transferable to any home. All of their products are produced from their East London studio by hand and in small batches–as a result, true artistry and attention to detail is evident in each individual item.


In a world dominated by mass production, it’s rare to find such unwavering thought and care go into creating something so special. We find it both admirable and impressive.



Grek Tea


For Marina and Stephan, the route to founding GREK Tea wasn’t a traditional one.


Whilst on holiday to visit her “big fat Greek” family, Stephan asked Marina’s Mother for a morning cup of tea. After an initial panic, she went into the garden, returned with a few green leaves and started brewing a mysterious herbal infusion. It turned out to be utterly delightful...


Since that morning, GREK now provide the best herbal teas Greece has to offer and aim to recreate that magical moment first experienced in Greece every time you brew one of their teas.


With their award winning design and bold flavours, GREK herbal teas help jumpstart your day or top off the perfect evening with unforgettable taste.



The Dirt Creative


The Dirt Creative aims to bring the beauty and aesthetics of the environment into your day to day life, while using sustainable and natural methods.

​The base ingredients for their products are from natural sources, to ensure they are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free, including hand dried flowers that are grown in their garden.​


From Rosemary & Orange body scrubs to Raspberry and Thyme room mists, their beautiful range of handmade pieces are all bottled and jared with recycled glass and by sending the jars back, you’ll get a discount on your next purchase with them.


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