The Urbane Gent


The Urbane Gent knows that looking good translates to feeling capable and confident. Whether entertaining clients, pitching ideas or spearheading meetings, looking smart and sophisticated gives them a level of confidence that commands attention and respect.


Help them feel on top of their game with gifts that’ll keep them looking sharp and feeling empowered.


*This product has been swapped for Beard Line-Up Shave Gel, by Baxters of California 

  • What's Included

    Anti-age facial mask, by Meraki

    Infused with active ingredients and antioxidants that add moisture and improve skin elasticity – to help ease the signs of a particularly tough day


    Sesame soap scrub, by Meraki

    A mixture of refreshing and cooling essential oils that cleanse and invigorate the skin


    *Super close shave formula, by Baxter of California

    Provides a protective cushion that avoids redness and irritation, so they look sharp on every occasion


    Laurel leaf after shave balm, by L:A Bruket

    Moisturises and protects strained skin, giving it a boost of vitality for the demanding day ahead


    Hair conditioning spray, by L:A Bruket

    Cucumber extract nourishes whilst sea salt adds texture and a matte finish to the hair – turns up the volume so they keep standing out


    Large comb, by Baxter of California

    Handcrafted with smoothly tapered teeth – the perfect tool to keep their hair in check when everyone around them is tearing theirs out


    Manicure set, by Meraki

    Includes a nail file, cuticle pusher and remover, tweezers, nail clippers and scissors – for the best handshake in the room