The Mindful Breath


True relaxation is both muscular and mental – a hot bath to relieve the body, lotions to restore, and candles to create a calming moment. As a slave to time, relaxing our bodies and minds often falls to the bottom of the pile, when it should take precedence.


Ensure a loved one makes time to relax with gifts that’ll keep them energised and invigorated.

  • What's Included

    Nourish bath salts and bamboo spoon, by Hopscotch

    Calming rose and comforting vanilla, combined with epsom salts to relieve muscle aches – preparing their body for the ultimate relaxing night in


    Cotton haze body lotion with organic sunflower oil, by Meraki

    Massage into newly exfoliated skin for optimal regeneration and healing


    Raspberry & ginger tea and mesh tea infuser with gold finish, by Nicolas Vahé

    Candle burning, cup of tea in hand – setting the tone for a calming moment of reflection


    Lavender spray, by Hopscotch

    Use as room spray or spritz on their pillow just before bed – top notes of fresh mint and juicy lemon help to calm, soothe, and aid proper sleep