The Jet-Lag Recoup


Jet lag – the curse of any long-haul traveller. Whether it’s the journey out or the return home, relieving disrupted sleep is of the utmost importance.


Discover a carefully curated collection of gifts to help them adjust and feel refreshed.

  • What's Included

    Polyurethane reusable earplugs, by Hay

    To block out any distractions for a refreshing first night's sleep at their destination


    Pale grey undyed alpaca bed socks, by Freight HHG

    Breathable natural fibres and cushioned soles for unparalleled comfort as they tuck into bed


    65% malt dark mini chocolate bar, by LAND

    A boost of energy when unwanted tiredness hits


    Lavender spray, by Hopscotch

    To spritz on their pillow just before bed – top notes of fresh mint and juicy lemon help to calm, soothe, and aid proper sleep


    2 mint & tea scented travel sachets, by Kerzon

    So their belongings stay as fresh as they feel


    Anti-age facial mask, by Meraki

    Infused with active ingredients and antioxidants that add moisture and improve skin elasticity – to help ease the signs of a weary mind and body