The Action Man


The Action Man is out in all elements. Constantly on the move, they need to take care of themselves once they’ve taken care of business. Restoration and regeneration are key to their success.


Help them replenish and take care of their body, ready for their next endeavour.

  • What's Included

    Foot scrub soap, by L:A Bruket

    Pumice and essential oil of peppermint activate and scrub life into tired feet


    Herbal foot cream, by Meraki

    They spend most of the day on their feet. Help them look after them. Absorbs quickly and gives long-lasting moisture – apply after using the foot scrub soap for optimal regeneration and healing


    Exfoliating facial scrub, by Baxter of California

    Cleanses and revitalises skin after a heavy-duty day


    Maplewood nail brush, by Meraki

    Scour away the evidence of a hard day’s work, preparing them for the next


    Bergamot hand cream, by L:A Bruket

    Encourage them to be kind to their hands – treat with this hand cream that’s designed to nourish, soothe and protect dry and chapped skin


    65% malt dark mini chocolate bar, by LAND

    Malt and coffee notes make this bar the perfect choice for a midday pick-me-up