Cleanse & Restore


For those constantly on the move, the 3 R's – relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation–are all keys to success. When body and mind become overworked, it's important to take the time to fulfil each one.


Discover a range of gifts that'll help a loved one cleanse and restore.

  • What's Included

    Cotton haze body lotion with organic sunflower oil, by Meraki

    Massage into newly exfoliated skin for optimal regeneration and healing


    Facial mask, by Meraki

    For a rich boost of hydration that’ll calm and soothe their skin


    Nourish bath salts and bamboo spoon, by Hopscotch

    Calming rose and comforting vanilla, combined with epsom salts to relieve muscle aches – preparing their body for the ultimate relaxing night in


    Bergamot hand cream, by L:A Bruket

    Bergamot soothes overworked hands, whilst the scent refreshes the mind