A Mindful Moment at Work


When life gets busy, it's easy to forget to appreciate our surroundings and look after number one. Taking a mindful moment out of the day helps to replenish energy and promote improvements in focus.


Discover a carefully curated collection of gifts that’ll reduce a loved one’s stress and improve productivity.

  • What's Included

    Raspberry & ginger tea and mesh tea infuser with gold finish, by Nicolas Vahé

    The ritualistic element of brewing and drinking this delicious loose-leaf tea will help the mind relax and creates a well needed moment of reflection at work


    Ruled notepad and set of three gel ink pens, by Monograph

    Staying organised is key to success when there are not enough hours in the day – to keep on their desk for everyday notes and ideas


    65% malt dark mini chocolate bar, by LAND

    Underlying coffee aromas perfectly balance the sweetness of malt barley – take an indulgent moment away from thinking of others to help recharge and refocus

    Bergamot hand cream, by L:A Bruket

    Bergamot soothes overworked hands, whilst the scent refreshes the mind


    Grey stone mug, by House Doctor

    Understated yet smart – the perfect vessel for a comforting cup of tea