Our Story

An abundance of choice, a desire to be thoughtful and ever decreasing time in today's world means finding the perfect gift can be a challenge–however well you know someone.

Uninspired by traditional hampers and struggling to find something with any meaning for his girlfriend's Dad at Christmas, Sam set about creating a personalised hamper of gifts from experiences shared throughout the year.


Three years on and plenty of hampers later (other members of the family soon preferred his hampers to his other gifts)

Curated & Hampered was born.

Our approach today remains the same as it did when Sam curated his first hamper–to challenge the perception that hampers are generic and uninspiring by curating gifts based on the quirks and interests that make us unique.


We work with the best independents to curate unique hampers based on passions, personalities and specific moments in time, allowing you to give the perfect gift, without the stress, the time and the wrapping.


We’re here to help you celebrate the characters in your life–thoughtfully and effortlessly.


Our Values

Pursue Quality

From the brands we work with and the products we select, to the packaging we use and our communications with our customers – we strive for quality in everything we do.

Champion Independents

We thrive off the discovery of exciting brands and products. Better yet is sharing our discoveries with you. We empower our brands giving them a platform for discovery.

Have Purpose

Every product we handpick has a purpose in each hamper. We chose products through a combination of our knowledge of independents and the genuine desires of our customers.

Out of the Ordinary

By bringing together unique gifts crafted with soul, we challenge the perception that hampers are generic and uninspiring–we think out of the ordinary and celebrate the individual.